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Thank you for your interest in real estate appraisals. We understand that it can be a little confusing when just starting out. And so, for your convenience, we have compiled a list of websites that will help you better understand real estate appraisal regulations, licensing, standards, and processes.

Real Property Appraisal Body of Knowledge - (pdf)
The Real Property Appraisal Body of Knowledge (BOK) is an outline of concepts, theories, paradigms, and applications of the real property appraisal profession.

For twelve years GVA founder, Ruby Stroschein, served on the Idaho Real Estate Appraiser Board. She taught Farm and Natural Resource Appraisal for eight years and in 2009 she taught the Business Finance 445 course at WSU. Ruby worked with Sarah on the Proximity Damages Study and Co-authored the 2007 ASFMRA article, with editing assistance from Sarah.

Sarah Miles played an integral role in the Idaho Transportation Department Proximity Damages Study by collecting and statistically analyzing real estate data, and taught three one-day seminars to peer appraisers and ITD professionals about the implications and use of the results of the study. Her study guide on learning regression modeling has been used by many higher learning institutions, including the Education Graduate School at Utah State University.

Proximity Damages Study

Determinants of Farmland Values in the Rapidly Developing Boise, Idaho Metro Area: Applying Mathematical Modeling to Highest and Best Use Analysis.
Winner of the 2007 ASFMRA Gold Quill Award